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Developed by Racewood, this state of the art simulator is the only one of it's kind in Australia and has the ability to perform to Grand Prix level dressage and jump up to 1.2m. The culmination of 5 years of development, the new Eventing Simulator represents the most advanced equestrian simulator ever made. The purpose of this simulator is for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Learning to ride

  • Learning to jump

  • Confidence lessons 

  • Recovering from injury

  • Improving rider fitness

  • Learning about each individuals biomechanics and how the way you are sitting is influencing your horse

With this newly developed simulator, comes the following:

Improved sensors: Saddle balance in real time. The new software platform is incredibly fast and provides feedback on even the tiniest movement in real time.

New pressure sensitive leg sensors: Leg sensors cover six different zones on the simulators flank and now different pressure levels from a light contact to a squeeze or a kick. This advance allows control while riding in the interactive areas. The instruction mode gives detailed feedback on where the legs are being used by the rider and with how much pressure.

All new realistic neck system: The new advanced neck system moves like a real horse and can move in four directions. The simulator responds when contact is taken in the reins, lifting the head and neck. It also moves left and right in line with the action of the horse, imitating the natural ‘bend’ during movements like half pass.

Dynamic gait adjustment: In show jumping and cross country mode, rein and leg pressures constantly adjust the ‘extension’ and ‘collection’ of the horse’s stride pattern.



  • Assess weight distribution in the saddle as well as leg and rein pressure.

  • All new movements realistically capture advanced dressage movements including Piaffe and Passage.

  • Training screens give real-time feedback throughout the different movements showing exactly what the rider is doing with a level of detail never before seen on a equestrian simulator.

Show Jumping

  • Training mode places control of the horse in the hands of an instructor, allowing the rider to experience the jump without worrying about controlling the horse, instead improving their posture and balance over a variety of different jump heights.

  • Beginner mode allows learning in a forgiving environment with smaller movements and lower jumps.

  • Advanced mode encourages the rider to learn to spot the stride pattern and make adjustments to the stride to ensure the correct takeoff position.

  • Ride a course against the clock whilst assessing rein pressure and weight distribution in the stirrups over 1.2m jumps.

  • Instant feedback on the takeoff positioning for each jump.

Cross Country

  • Features the same feedback, training and beginner modes as described above.

  • Features a fast paced and demanding course with both fences and ditches to navigate across.

  • Distinct jumping movements for jumping down ditches and over obstacles.



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