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Here are some things people have been saying about Stanley: 

"I was amazed at what Stanley helped me find about the way i was riding." 

-Irene Elizabeth 

"As a RDA Rider, i find Stanley invaluable for developing my balance and fixing body issues in my riding.

I can then translate these when i'm riding my pony, it really works."

-Zarah Lont


"After 5 years and a handful of rides with one canter, I spent 30 minutes of seat trotting and cantering the country side on the wonderful simulator. Feeling safe and relaxed. Thank you for tailoring the package for me." 

– Charmayne Hales


"Omg can't speak highly enough of going to this place. Why use a simulator? Because it picks up things the naked eye can't. It's great for perfecting and tweaking those essential techniques that can be the difference between being a good rider or a great rider." 

– Chrissy Cagalj


"Thank you so much for an amazing experience, now I have some homework!"

– Jessica Atkins

"We went yesterday and my daughter loved it. She is legally blind so couldn't see the screen but could feel the movement . Everyone should try this l might even give it a go next time."

- Karen Tyquin

"The sensitivity of Stanley to learn laterals is incredible.  You need to use the exact aid in order to Stanley to perform and it is trickier than it seems as there is no anticipation from the horse what so ever.

As you are performing lateral movements, you have instant feedback on weight distribution in your entire body, from the legs, to the seat, to the reins. Once you master the movements on the biomechanics screen, it's into the dressage arena to put your skills to the test!"

- Nicole Mortimer

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